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Imagine we live in an RPG game. You play to win and accomplish your mission. You need to learn new skills and move up the levels to advance.
Welcome message...
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RPG Life...

I look at our lives in a physical world as a Role Playing Game (RPG).

Given the different amounts of resources at the start. We have a specific mission to complete. Sometimes our mission is to play and learn.

The goal is to wake up, realize that we are in the game, understand its rules, start playing and win.  

To do that, we need to solve different challenges. If you can't pass one level - you are stuck. The same situation will be repeated until you solve that lesson you need to learn. Then you move to the next level.

Build Your RPG Character

We need to develop our skills constantly if we want to progress. The levels will be more challenging. The "monster" at the end of each mission will be bigger and harder to overcome. But as in any game, the more you practice, the further you can go.  

There is also a Spiritual element, an Inner Light that guides us toward understanding who we are and fulfilling our Purpose.

To succeed in life, we need to optimise in the areas:

  • Health & Strength, both physical and mental, to stay on top of the game and achieve peak performance
  • Money & Resources, the energy that allows us to expand our powers, create and build new things, achieve our goals, help others
  • New Skills, hard and soft. We must evolve and keep upgrading our skills to gain strength.

Of course, there are other aspects, but it mostly comes to these three with variations.

In RPG Life, you need to develop all these critical skills in balance. Later in the game, a weakness in one area would be a significant disadvantage. For example, one can have a lot of money but bad health. Or be super fit but poor. That is not good.

You need to upgrade your skills to access new levels.

RPG Life

Today’s Game

Today, we live in an interesting world.

I am writing this post in May 2023. We have massive geopolitical tensions, economic f@ck ups and other challenges.

But the world is also full of opportunities. Just look around. Most of us live relatively comfortable lives compared to what was even 50 or 100 years ago. We can access most information anytime, and there are many ways to express ourselves and obtain resources.  

We also have AI, which I think will have a similar impact on how we live as the internet did some time ago, completely transforming our lives. You must do it now if you have not tried ChatGPT yet (or other similar tools).

Whatever you do, you can apply AI in your life or work. Just imagine how our lives could change. Not immediately, but in 3-5 years? And if you are not prepared, you will miss the boat.

Money is energy that opens possibilities. You can afford good healthcare. You can improve the standards of your living to the level you want.

You can do many things - help others, spend on your family, interests, toys and everything else. Travel the world, and have free time to do what you love. You can do the job you enjoy and don’t worry about the financial side.

To achieve this goal, you must first be in the right set of mind. Then you need to put this energy to work, have a system and implement it.

What we are about

At MoneyTalkVillage.com, I share my experiences and insights on peak performance strategies, money & investing, building businesses in the digital economy, tech, AI and other curious things around us.

I am building my RPG Life Character and learning the game's rules. I am optimizing for health, productivity, creative capacity and financial well-being. I aim to improve 1% at a time. I am documenting my progress and share what I learn.

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