Grant Cardone Sales Training University

Grant Cardone has been delivering sales training to small businesses and the world's largest corporates for over 20 years and is considered the #1 Sales Trainer in the world.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University

Grant Cardone has been delivering sales training to small businesses and the world's largest corporates for over 20 years and is considered the #1 Sales Trainer in the world.

His unique teaching style combines the motivation and mindset training required to achieve success, as well as sales and persuasion skills and techniques that you can apply in every sales situation and any encounter where you want to persuade someone.

Grant Cardone has many sales training programs dedicated to every part of the sales process, from prospecting, conducting sales presentations, negotiating and closing the sale.

Grant Cardone's Sales Training University is a business training platform where you can access all of Grant's sales programs under one roof. There is also a certification program which could be helpful if you are pursuing a career in sales, as it demonstrates that you went the extra mile and made an effort to educate yourself on sales.

In addition, many companies encourage their sales staff to undertake Grant Cardone Sales Training courses to improve their skills and techniques to increase closing rates.

In this Grant Cardone Sales Training University review, we will cover all the programs of the Sales University, so you know what to expect and what results you will get. But to get the most out of Grant's sales training, please remember that more is needed to watch all the videos once and then forget about it.

As with every training, practice is essential, and if you want to improve your sales skills, you should revisit the material regularly. You will find that every time you watch it, you will discover new things and look at them from a different perspective. And remember to take action! Applying what you learned regularly will take your sales to a new level!

Grant Cardone, Sales Training University, is designed for people looking to increase their income, influence and impact in their organization or community. You will learn real-life skills not taught in college but pivotal to success in business and life. So let's deep dive into the program and see what Grant Cardone Sales Training University offers.

Selling Basics

Grant Cardone's Sales Training University consists of several programs, and this is the first and the main one. The most common mistake many companies make is focusing on training sales staff on how to sell their product or services prematurely without establishing the basic foundation of the sales process.

To achieve success in every aspect of our lives, and not only in sales, we first must create a solid foundation of the business that we are trying to build, which will withstand any market condition or economic cycle. This includes aligning your company values, beliefs, culture and sales methodology.

With this program, you will learn how to install a consistent foundation of how to become successful in sales that you can build on with specific sales process training. You will learn how to make the most important sale you will ever make, how to manage time efficiently and increase productivity and how to develop a winning mindset required to dominate in sales and business.

This program includes 28 courses and comes with Grant Cardone Sales Training University certification upon successful completion.

Understanding the buyer

This is one of the most popular training programs and one of the most critical skills in sales. While the sale process must remain the same, every customer is different. And if you want to become successful in sales, you need to learn how to deal with every customer and not just the easy ones willing to buy anyway.

With this course, you will learn how to deal with each type of customer and understand what motivates and drives them, their pains, and their "action threshold".

You will also learn the #1 rule in selling, how to not lose customers over price, predict customers' behaviour, and instantly build credibility to increase sales. In addition, you will get access to tips on using the information to build trust and how to use third-party data to validate. You will also learn the importance of attitude, the price myth and many other valuable techniques to understand your buyers and close more sales.

This program includes 29 courses with Grant Cardone Sales Training University certification.

The Sales Process

This is also one of the essential programs at Sales Training University. If you want to get from point A to point B, follow the route or a methodology. Getting to where you want to be will be possible with a detailed plan or a process.

Here you will learn how to design a perfect sales process tailored to your organization and the product or service that you are selling. In addition, you will learn how to motivate your sales team to align your interests, conduct a sales presentation and negotiations, use best practices for fact-finding, and understand your customers' behaviour.

You will also discover the best sales practices, tips for successful sales presentations, and how to close a sale with the winning proposal and get the deal done.

Grant Cardone will provide powerful sales strategies and advice specific to your industry in this training program. You will learn how to build a perfect sales process and use it as an asset to increase your sales and closing rates.

This program includes 73 courses with Grant Cardone Sales Training University certification.

Theory of Closing

Always Be Closing!

This is the mantra that every salesperson should always know and remember. Closing is the most crucial part of the sales process without a successful close. There will be no exchange of goods or services and, therefore, money. Without a close - there is no sale!

So many people fail to close because they must precisely understand the close. This program is designed to help salespeople better understand what is happening during the closing of a deal. But first, you need to understand the theory behind the closing process.

You will learn 3 things that can make or break a close and some other mistakes that salespeople can make. In addition, you will learn how to reduce your sales cycle by as much as 50%, how not to use the price factor to negotiate, and some of the advanced closing strategies.

This program has 42 courses and includes certification.

Closing Strategies

The name of this program speaks for itself. Closing is the most crucial part of the sales process. If you do not close, you do not make a sale. That is why learning how to deal with customers' rejections is essential. And while there could be numerous potential rejections, ultimately, there are only a handful of the underlying reasons why your prospects might object to the sale.

This program is a deep dive into the closing process, and Grant Cardone gives numerous word tracks on handling every sales objection possible. In addition, you will get access to over 120 rebuttals and numerous situational breakdowns of closing and negotiating.

With Grant Cardone Closing Strategies, you will be equipped with the confidence and skills to close every sale and every customer!

This program comes with 106 training courses and certifications.

Incoming Calls

The internet has been a game changer in how people generate leads and gather information. If your sales process depends on generating leads online or over the phone, where people call you or your company, this program is designed for you. It goes over the structure of an incoming call and deep-dives into the most critical points that must be covered to secure an appointment or sale.

You will learn strategies on how to close in a single call, how to set appointments that will make customers show up every single time, how to control the call but not the caller, how to develop a bulletproof script for the incoming call that will work every time and how not to be on a losing end of the incoming call.

This program has 22 courses and includes certification.


New leads and prospects are the lifeblood of every business. It is a jet fuel necessary for every business engine to keep running. That is why it is vitally important that you keep generating new leads and prospects. Prospecting is one of the most difficult but also one of the essential skills that every salesperson needs to master.

The art of prospecting will help you identify and cultivate the most sales-ready business opportunities that will result in lower client acquisition costs, increased closing rates, and, therefore, profitability. You will also learn how to create and increase sales leads without spending additional money on advertising, which can be one of the most impactful cost-saving activities.

In this program, you will learn to master prospecting over the phone with one essential technique. You will also learn the bulletproof scripts for outbound sales calls and discover the nine hottest sales lead channels you might be overlooking.

This program has 39 courses and includes Grant Cardone Sales Training University certification.

Follow Up

It rarely happens that the sale is closed on the first encounter, and if you want to learn how to be a real closer, you will need to know how to follow up effectively.

You will be surprised to learn that one of the main reasons many salespeople do not achieve desired results is to follow up with the prospect adequately. I am sure you can also remember many occasions when you spoke to someone who tried to pitch you a product or service, but you have never heard back from that person again.

In this Grant Cardone Sales Training University training program, you will learn how to be remembered and stand out from the typical sales crowd, be persistent and follow up so effectively that prospects actually return your calls and always have ways to follow up.

You will also learn how to follow up with unsold customers, use follow-up tools, and understand why people do not buy from you. You will also master the most effective follow-up strategies and ways to follow up. This course will equip you with the follow-up strategies guaranteed to increase your sales and paycheck!

100 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation is a secret sauce that can drive productivity (and, therefore, profitability) through the roof. It all starts with the inner game. Motivation is the framework upon which you can build a successful sales process.

In this Grant Cardone Sales Training University program, you will learn how to develop self-esteem and magnetism, stay energized and focused on your purpose, set and achieve goals, manage your time effectively, and follow through.

You will also learn the 10X Rule, a strategy that will help you to increase 10 times your income, business and life.

This program includes 101 courses on how to stay motivated and comes with certification from Grant Cardone Sales Training University.

Top Traits of Great Salespeople

Grant Cardone is one of the top sales trainers in the world, and in this program, he will explain what makes the difference between average and outstanding. The famous 20/80 Rule will apply to every sales organization where 20% of salespeople will produce 80% of the revenues. What makes them so productive? Success is not a natural-born ability but the result of dedication and hard work.

This Grant Cardone Sales Training University program uncovers the traits of the most successful salespeople and top performers. Here, Grant Cardone lays out the road map that professionals can apply at any stage of their life or career.

You will learn the secrets only the successful know and apply. Grant Cardone will share the Cardone Path to Greatness, teach you how to surround yourself with successful people and explain how to handle failures and rejections.

You will get access to 65 courses in this Grant Cardone Sales Training University program and receive certification.

Internet Lead Response

This training program is designed for entrepreneurs and salespeople who use digital channels to generate leads and make sales. And given how the internet got in every aspect of our lives, this can apply to any business.

Today, customers spend more time shopping online, and you must grab their attention on the web first to generate leads. That is why digital channels have become more critical than ever.

This course will help you understand online customers' behaviour, how it differs from traditional ones, and what you need to do to convert such opportunities into sales. You will learn strategies that will help you to increase your contact base by 900%, learn how to capture online leads and manage the response process.

Grant Cardone will also explain the most common mistakes companies make with internet leads and how to avoid them.

This program is essential for every digital marketer and comes with 23 courses.

Personal Finances

In this program, Grant Cardone explains the importance of personal finances and teaches how to manage money effectively. In addition, you will learn how to create multiple revenue streams that will generate money long-term and many other helpful personal finance strategies.

That program includes motivational and mindset techniques of successful people and practical skills for managing and increasing your wealth.

Handling Objections

This is Grant Cardone Sales Training University's most extensive training program, including 322 courses. You will learn how to manage not only the simplest objections but also the most complex ones.

This program includes many live demonstrations of various sales situations and examples of handling almost every objection possible. With this sales training program, you will be equipped with the best ammunition and prepared to turn every sales situation in your favour.

Cold Calling

Again, the name of this program speaks for itself and covers the cold call from start to finish. You will learn how to build a perfect cold call sales script, get past the gatekeeper, handle every cold call objection, and what are the best questions to qualify potential customers quickly.

Grant Cardone will teach you how to prepare for a cold call, explain different types of cold calls, deep dive into advanced cold-call sales techniques and help you develop daily rituals to become and stay motivated.

This program includes 59 courses with Grant Cardone Sales Training University certification.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University review - Conclusion

In life, if you are not developing yourself and not moving forward - you are moving backwards. Many people think of sales only in the context of work while, in reality, it applies to every aspect of our lives. Of course, if you are working in sales - that is obvious. But regardless of what you do for a living, sales and persuasion are essential skills that help us to get through life.

We need to interact with our colleagues and members of our families. We need to interact with strangers, peers and superiors. And every time, the successful outcome of this interaction depends on our persuasion skills.

Grant Cardone's Sales Training University is an excellent platform with valuable resources to help you succeed in business and life. While some training programs focus on motivation and mindset, others cover the actual sales and persuasion skills we can use in our daily lives and business.

Grant Cardone's training covers every sales situation possible and explains what to do and what not to do in every scenario. Unfortunately, the amount of quality material is so vast that it is not possible to cover it all in one but in numerous reviews, and the best thing you can do is check it out for yourself.

One of the potential setbacks could be the price of the training programs, which can range between $500 to $1000 for each module on average. While this investment is worth it, some people might find spending so much on every program challenging.

However, we have great news: Grant Cardone recently launched a monthly subscription that will give you access to ALL TRAINING MATERIAL for only $99.95 monthly. This is a tremendous value as you will get access to all training programs, new material, and live events that Grant Cardone and his team are doing. This is excellent news, as $99.95 a month is a bargain compared to the value that you will get.

If you are in sales, you need to invest in yourself as it will result in increased productivity and more money. This investment will pay for itself, and if you are serious and committed to success, you must take action. Of course, you will need more than watching this material; you must practice and apply those skills daily. Only then will you see results, and believe me, that will be worth it.

Also, there is one thing that can be improved with Grant Cardone's Sales Training University programs, or there is one crucial skill that needs to be paid more attention to. And that skill is TONALITY. Grant Cardone is very much focused on what you say or what words you use.

But what we recently learned from Jordan Belfort and his Straight Line Persuasion System is how vital the tonality is. Mastering tonality will help you take your sales to an entirely new level, and we strongly encourage you to check Jordan's Straight Line System, which we covered in this review.

But apart from that, Grant Cardone Sales Training University is one of the top Business Training Platforms currently available. So save your time. Check it out and join the 10x team!