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      Thread Posting Format - Must Read and Follow

      Many of you might be aware of the pattern on how to open a thread with appropriate title. But for those who are not aware or ignorant about the title format please read the follow instructions to avoid any problem.

      - Proper format of the thread title is:
      <Site name> - <Site URL> - Extra Info (Optional)
      - First you enter the name of the site, followed by the URL of the site (not referral link, only the URL) and to finish it off simply write any info about the site
      - Threads without referral links will be removed. This rule is important because we want members to promote sites in which they are involved and can share information. Simple copy paste of threads will be considered spam.
      - Straight copy paste threads will be paid half or nothing according to the info you include. In order to be approved threads need info such as number of ads daily, your stats on the site etc.
      - Follow this rule in all the sections which have a website representing their program.
      - In certain sections like HYIP Payments Section, its enough if you simply mention the domain.

      Members who fail to follow the above rules will be warned. Failing on obeying the rule again will result in infractions and eventually ban.

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