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      Spam Thread And Replies

      Dear Admin and Mods,
      I really appreciate with your decision and i want to inform you that there are many more post which seems to be spam post. Even me i want to see the forum clean and one of the best site in the world and want to Promote the site.I found many more posts which are spam and some time i use to report the post.I know you all mods and admin seem online and working all the time and seems busy even i am online for more than 6 to 8 hours per day and see the threads and replies but i don't think all the post are spam.Some of the user post the reply in 1 line.
      I want to come to the point that why don't you make one rule that while posting the thread or reply user need to post minimum 30 to 40 sentences and it should be minimum 200 characters

      There are lots of duplicate replies also.I know while in the payment time it will be decrease but before that you can take the action and decrease the point so that they won't repeat the same thing again.

      Best Regard
      Indra kc

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      Re: Spam Thread And Replies

      I have the different view regarding the removal of so called spam posts. I think there are many people who are using this site, writing something and earning slowly although in a limited amount. I know that there should be quality in the posts which we write and post but everybody does not develop it at a time. He or she needs some time period in order to be perfect and to develop proficiency in writing quality articles. So my view is that before deleting or removing the spam threads or posts it would be better to inform all the users that they will make up their mind and improve their quality in writing the articles which they post. Thank you.

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