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      [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      Speaking of head-tail it sure many of you know, you talk a bit like this, H-T is a game that players will choose one side of the coin tails or heads, after bet after that you can have instant results and money will go right so you have peace of mind is not about waiting, it is best just to turn on email and play money immediately ^ ^

      This category usually only accept LR or PerfectMoney play through because the money will be bet and pay instant

      Actually this is not a new form of tutorials but not really true

      After all PP does not have a 100% win that game at all. but after a time "research" I have a number of tips to help you as having said when playing head-tail:

      1 / Permanent all other tutorials show you how to beat in football than steel, but this method can be extremely dangerous and quickly lost, because these pages in their results is made by machines often the major bond rating or beat continuously often using all also in the other football teams by the ratio of new dignity should also play this type of H-T, but it should not depend on the situation, which can be applied flexibly but only fold eg if small 0.1-0.2-0.4 still lost, so do not stop you must continue

      2 / It is recognized pp by themselves, but also not to be 100% but at least not lose as pp 1 present with which you are about to be removed gradually and words, that was before you should bet on of history to consider who will be playing then judgment, especially when we ignore the head judge or tail because as I said is not due to random machine should choose H or T is the same, followed by if in this history that some people win more then you should not bet his site, similar to lose much if it is your chance. Note that if you lose many type is lost, this time to apply a "flexible" than steel but like I said above if your sure when to stop also lost

      3 / Often, the less you should bet only $ 0.1-1 range or is at best $ 2 that's alright, of course, so far I have seen many bets 4-8 $ you still eat it but it was not much .Where you much, only a small bet to increase income for a day only, because the head-tail can not have something to do while playing is rich and should take is the only happy thoughts of you.

      This little 4/Cai your attention is not to play too late for or have a problem, you do not know I was alright too late 2 times so that when players do not win money on

      5 / Only participating sites have a low win rate from 200% -250% because of the nature of this game is nothing of this money by beating other people and so many pages with large percentage of customers to merely a scam only you. Who is not speaking out about their rates are such that you bet $ 0.1 is 200% win rate happens automatically wins $ 0.2 tk when the LR will be $ 0.19 (-0.01 tax due) 210% similar to the win is 0:21 LR 0.2, 250%, the win at 0.25 on LR is 12:24.
      6 / In addition, you can refer to a few% earn more when someone else bets

      7 / Finally a reminder that history depending on the situation that you should only bet 1-5 times per site, especially when figuring out the new site to play but do not have the history it is not to play.

      After days of playing I discovered a LR game secrets THAT THE website GAME LR . the first player usually WIN -
      If play many times you can loose,
      you should play 1-5 times for one site /day
      so you should play 1-5 times/site game LR and then you play other site

      Hello, everyone. people say gambling you can become poor ... I said this is 100% correct.
      But of course where not everyone is poor. you can lose and may win

      Example: You also put Head or Tail

      Head Set
      First play if you lose your $ 0.1 continue to play
      Second play $ 0.2 if you lose continue to play
      The 3rd $ 0.5 if you lose your play and continue
      the 4th put $ 1 if you lose do not worry , you changer Tail
      The 5th you put $ 2 will win
      No more than five times you will win

      Verification profit
      After losing 4 times $ 01.08
      5th place $ 2 win $ 10
      So the results of your profits $ 10 - $ 01.08 = $ 08.02

      Remember, do not be participating players placed approximately $ 25 blew softly
      After you have deleted Cooke always win out. If you reset the modem
      Remember the first time that the next time you put it into place Head Tail home. But particularly when you win to get the browser to delete all Cooke

      Good luck for you !

      1>Win 210%

      2>Win 210%

      3>Win 250%

      4>Win 200%

      5> Win 250%

      6>Win 200%

      7>Win 250%

      8>Win 200%


      9>Win 220%

      10>Win 200%

      11>Win 210%

      12>Win 250%

      13>win 500 %

      14>win 300 %

      15>win 500 %

      If you play Losse i will RBC 50% If you loose

      Please visit HYIPGOLD.ORG

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      Thanks for tutorials, screenshots and video tutorials mate. I am sure i follow the first method you explained in your thread. But nonetheless great share and i will be sure to make room for some of the other methods you explained.

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      nice tutorial i will it a try.
      ..........................,....................... .........
      ...................,.............................. .........

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      thanks for the tutorial and the information, it really great. But in this casino business, you find out thet the player turns out to be the looser in the long run. But when played with discipline, some profits can be made

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      this is an old site and the interesting thing is that they are using same script which is used by other head tail bet sites.they are showing very less betting stats.i think they need to show it because by showing it they will get more betters because its proof for the people that its paying.

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      head tail game

      same or diff game
      i love head tail this two is wonderful ,i made a decent income here!!! lets try this ....

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      Re: [tutorials] gambling wins 80% and collection of site easy win

      Your batch number is 37960041 .
      Flipping coin..... done!
      And the result is... tail !!!!

      Horrayyyy!!!! You win!!!! Promote GuGold.US Will Get 15% Commission For Every Bet!!! You got $40 in your Perfect Money Account
      (Payout Batch is 37960042 )

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