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    1. Re: WWW vs non-WWW - Which is Better for SEO?

      The importance of having a great URL structure for SEO purposes cannot be underestimated, seeing as URLs are the building blocks of any website and can determine how much traffic your website gets or...
    2. Re: How can we minimize traffic loss after a website domain name change?

      Register the new domain or purchase an old Domain
      Upload a “coming soon” page
      Transfer smaller parts of your website (Optional)
      Upload your pages to the new Domain
      Redirect the Old pages to the...
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      Best Online Payment Processing!

      Hi all,

      I have a website which will allow people can buy information products online. As I am starting my business I do not want to open a merchant account.
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      Re: How to rank my website on Google ?

      Follow these suggestions:

      Publish Relevant Content
      Update Your Content Regularly
      Metadata ( Title Metadata, Description Metadata & Keyword Metadata )
      Have a link-worthy site
      Use alt tags
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      Re: What is volatile keyword in Java?

      The Java volatile keyword guarantees variable visibility across threads, meaning reads and writes are visible across threads.
    6. Re: Why did you decide to create an account on Instagram?

      With branded content being more popular for generating engagement, one of the key benefits of Instagram is that it can help you build trust. People buy from people and Instagram will help you to...
    7. Re: how can i increase fb likes for my page

      Nobody likes to read boring, uninteresting and poor content while quality posts are the refined and interesting content structured in such a way that it catches the reader’s attention. So, always...
    8. Re: How to make my followers follow me back?

      I would suggest getting the app called “unfollowers” it will show who's following you, who's not following you back and who has unfollowed you. There may be more than one app like this so pick which...
    9. Re: If the meta robots tag has a value of “no index, no follow” what does it mean? Does Google uses keyword tags?

      It means that page is a dead end for search spiders. “no index” means “don’t place this page in the Google (or Bing) index, and/or remove it if it is already indexed”. “no follow” means “don’t crawl...
    10. How does one increase Bing Backlink Indexation?

      I've also made a XML sitemap of the links and pinged Bing. No help either.

      Anyone know of another way?
    11. Re: What are the key components of Bootstrap?

      The key components of Bootstrap are

      CSS : It comes with plenty of CSS files
      Scaffolding : It provides a basic structure with Grid system , link styles and background
      Layout Components : List of...
    12. How to add a border or frame around a photo in Photoshop

      Hi folks,

      How to add a border or frame around a photo in Photoshop ??

      Please share any link if anyone has ??
    13. Re: Which value of cursor property changes the cursor to the 'I' bar?

      The cursor property is specified as zero or more <url> values, separated by commas, followed by a single mandatory keyword value. Each <url> should point to an image file.
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      Re: Do You Like Yahoo Analytics Tools ?

      Flurry Analytics Reporting provides you with a wide range of tools, resources and capabilities, so you can filter, segment and track specific in-app actions your users take, and more.
    15. Re: How to install google analytics into APP

      Just of character limit don,t able to provide solution here, just follow this link:
    16. Re: How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

      Ways to earn money from YouTube:

      Google Adsense (Monetize their videos)

      Affiliate Marketing (Advertise third party content and sell them via affiliate link)

      Paid Videos (Make their videos...
    17. Any tools which can automate my posts on social media

      Hi folks,

      Any tools which can automate my posts on social media

      Thanks for any help or suggestions
    18. Any tools for real time monitoring of website traffic?

      Hello friends,

      Any tools for real time monitoring of website traffic? Other than Google analytics ??
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      Re: How can I learn Photoshop CS6?

      This is easier then you might think. Did you know that you can find Photoshop tutorials on YouTube Everything you need at your finger tips. Follow along as the instructions are given, and then try it...
    20. Re: Where to safely store information in electronic form?

      You can make this thumb drive into a mini encrypted vault with a password of its own. The drawbacks: It’s more cumbersome than a cloud to keep updated, and you must find someplace secure to store it.
    21. Re: What are the boundaries of description and title tags in Yahoo?

      Yahoo shows up to 72 Characters (Including Spaces) for a Page Title.
      Yahoo shows up to 161 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description.
    22. Re: What is best SEO Yahoo, Google Indexing technique?

      Bing specifically stats that it’s looking for “clear, deep, easy to find content on your website,” which will be more likely to be indexed and appear in results.
    23. Re: Which is the best tool for background removal?

      I think it,s depends on the background itself and how it look like. I have used ClippingMagic, which is a brilliant tool that makes it unbelievably easy to remove a photo’s background.
    24. Re: website speed impacted search ranking?

      Page speed comes in that logic. Actually, if a site loads fast, chances are better that users will remain on your website as they will experience something positive (of course other elements needs to...
    25. Re: How do you think Google+ will affect SEO

      It is hard to know exactly how Google+ will affect SEO so my answer is just speculation. I feel that Google is making a strong push towards including more social network influence in their ranking...
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