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      Re: Can busy people trade Forex?

      Busy people can trade but forex also need some more intention and time and busy people need to see how can they manage their time to manage the Forex trading. They can trade forex part time and can...
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      Re: Is winning addiction?

      When you start your trading career you need to believe in yourself. Always focus on the amount of money that you are risking on any single trade. Look for high-risk reward trade setup just like the...
    3. Re: – My experience with the trading robot

      Can you please contact me? Do the roboter only works on forex? I would like to the robot on crypto, stocks and efts also. What do you think?
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      Re: What is forex means

      The foreign exchange market is the biggest and most liquid market, reaching daily volumes of over $5 trillion.Unlike other markets, there is no central marketplace and currency trading is done...
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      Re: What do you need to succeed in trading?

      I'm in Forex since 2016 ... I found that trader psychological behavior having the most effective part of the equation

      to be a successful trader. Once you can control your Fear and Greed, then...
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      Re: How do you manage your trades last year?

      Depending on the situation of Forex market i would like to change my trading strategy and plan and then start trading with market trends and situation.
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      Re: What makes you come in forex.

      Forex is a great business and I have come in Forex due to make money with it. Forex can give you a good return if you have skills, plans and strategy. So always make a strategy and plan and become...
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      Re: Forex Trading Is So Difficult Is It Right ?

      In fact forex trading not easy and all the people think that forex is money machine but in fact this trading may give you huge money but after learning the secret of the earning .forex trading...
    9. Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin/PayPal/ETH/USDT

      Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin/PayPal/ETH/USDT

      I'm recommending
      E-currencies Exchange on is fast, safe and simple. is a global - oriented electronic...
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      virtual debit card online

      No matter where you actually live, virtual pre-paid debit cards are accepted all over the world and can be issued in different popular world currencies, like US dollars or euros. In comparison with...
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      Re: What is Currency Exchange?

      A process established through foreign exchange markets for buying and selling foreign currency instruments based on market exchange rates. A currency exchange entails the simultaneous purchase of one...
    12. What is a debit card and how does it work?

      I would like to know what is a debit card and how does it work? Plz answer and explain.

      wire transfer payment gateway
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      Re: Leverage is important ?

      It depends on trader that how he can manage his trading work with Leverage. It is always advisable to learn about your leverage and trading work so that you can give your best from your analysis.
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      Re: Invest in real estate ASAP!

      Real Estate is a big opportunity to make good money, if you have money and experience then you can make a huge profit with real Estate and it is very popular idea to invest in real Estates.
    15. Re: What is the difference between Debit Card and Credit Card ?

      Debit cards are used to pay for goods in shops and to withdraw money at cash machines. The money is automatically taken from your current account when you spend it, so you must have enough money in...
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      Re: Free Forex Course

      Free Forex courses are available at the internet and traders can read them. Also, there are many Forex forums also available on the internet and you can discuss Forex matters there.

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      Re: Which Laptop brand would you prefer?

      In Asian countries, Dell laptops are highly preferred then Acer. How about Compaq Presario laptops?
    18. Re: Is laptop is better or Desktop computer for personal use?

      I personally prefer a laptop because it is easy to carry and you can easily move it one to another and it also need less space then desktop pc.
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      Re: Which Computer machine is best now a days?

      The Thinkpad is a brand from Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which bought it from IBM several years ago. It is famous for IT professionals for its classic design, exceptional keyboards and sturdiness.
    20. Re: How can patience increase your profit factor?

      Patience is one of the best and most important virtues that any forex trader can have. Being patient and waiting for the only best price action will help you to greatly improve your win rate and...
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      Re: Losses Affect your Interest In Forex trading ?

      A loss is very harmful to our trade and ourselves. If we will face loss then it will affect our progress in forex trading and we can leave trading. We can avoid lossess with learning Forex and have a...
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      Re: Are you satiesfied with your broker?

      I am fully satisfied with my broker and it is a very reliable broker. I would like to advise to a newbie that always try to choose a reliable and trusted broker with good online reputation and also...
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      Re: Knowledge in Forex trading

      Knowledge is necessary and you should have some good knowledge of Forex trading. There is a lot of learning material that is available online in form of ebooks and also there are many websites and...
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      Re: Which Broker Do you Recommend ?

      There are many Forex brokers available in the market and we should choose a broker after reading some reviews. You can get many forex broker rating sites online and can read about different brokers.
    25. Re: can forex done by the students as a part time job?

      Yes, students can participate in forex and make money.There are alot of things you need to take into mind about forex. Forex is very risky where you either make alot of money or losing all your...
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