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    1. Best Affiliate Network for Gaming Offers?

      Best Affiliate Network for Gaming Offers?

      Has anyone works in the same niche before, if yes please share some useful tips ?


      Corporate Gifts
    2. How to create HYIP templates like support all script


      I have a PAM HYIP script site which helps to make a HYIP website. But, now I would like to create templates for support all kinds of HYIP script sites. Can you explain clearly, How can I do...
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      Re: How to get leads from Instagram?

      The fan stories effectively serve as a kind of advertisement with a more genuine and human touch. You’ll be sharing actual stories of people who have benefited from your product or service, so...
    4. Re: What is difference between CyclicBarriar and Countdown Latch in Java ?

      CountDownLatch can't be reused, when count reaches zero it cannot be reset where as CyclicBarrier can be reused after the waiting threads are released.

      Team Building Organisers in Delhi
    5. Re: How To Create a New Google+ Page and Connect It to Google Search

      Sign in to your Brand Account.
      Click your account name.
      Under "Act as [Account Name] on:", click Google Plus.
      To make changes to your Google+ page, go to the left panel and click...
    6. Re: Where can we get a free code to develope website?

      Some of the best ways from where you can get the free code are :

      Free Code Camp
      Ladies Learning Code
      Shopify Partner Webinars
      Girl Develop It
      Code School
      CSS Tricks
      A List Apart
    7. Re: Which are the best websites same like justdial for lead generation in india?

      Some of the best alternatives of Just dial are:

      Click India.Com
    8. Re: How to unfollow non followers on Instagram

      Download Non Followers for Instagram 3.0.1. Find out who's not following you on Instagram and unfollow them. Non Followers for Instagram is an app to quickly view the Instagram users who you follow...
    9. Re: How to increase quality score in Adwords

      The simplest way is to improve Quality Score is considering ad relevance. Ad relevance refers to how well a keyword matches the message in your ads, similar to the qualification for expected CTR. For...
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      Re: What is Robots.txt ?

      A robots.txt file is a file at the root of your site that indicates those parts of your site you don’t want accessed by search engine crawlers. The file uses the Robots Exclusion Standard, which is a...
    11. How relevant has to be a blog/site for the advertiser?

      Hello folks,

      I would like to know, How relevant has to be a blog/site for the advertiser?

      Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated ??

      Newspaper Ad Agency in Delhi
    12. Who is your favorite character on Game of Thrones?

      I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and the show is just in the middle of season 7. Their are a lot of awesome characters in the show but which one is your favorite?

      Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar |...
    13. Re: Digital marketing ideas for a bakery business

      Always take photos of your work, the good, the bad and the ugly, because you never know when you might need to reference that experience again.

      Delhi To Manali Volvo Bus Booking
    14. Why did you decide to create an account on Instagram?

      What was your main reason for this?

      Basically, the response of thousands of people using this app is justified by the fact that they love taking and posting photos on various social networks and...
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      Re: Whats the cheapest way of marketing?

      I think there is no cheap marketing, there is only effective and efficient marketing. If you're cheap, you may not achieve your goal.

      Newspaper Ad Agency in Delhi
    16. Re: How to add a border or frame around a photo in Photoshop

      Just come with this example to solve this issue:

      It,s one of the easiest way to add a border or frame around a photo...
    17. eCommerce or Affiliate Marketing Which is more Profitable?

      Hello Guys,

      I am thinking of scaling down my affiliate marketing projects and concentrate on building my own e-commerce business where the rewards seems to be greater. What do you guys think?

    18. Is anybody still making descent income with niche sites?

      Obviously a lot has changed since then. So i'm just wondering if getting back into that would be a waste of time.

      So please let me know, Is anybody still making descent income with niche sites?
    19. My mouse and keyboard doesnt work properly WINDOWS 10

      Hi folks,

      I ran into this in some situations. But I don't know what applies. How do I fix this issue, My mouse and keyboard doesn't work properly WINDOWS 10 ??

      Newspaper Ad Agency in Delhi
    20. Are Redirect PHP Links Created on Third Party Sites Valid Links for SEO

      I recently purchased a cloud based software that can create redirect backlinks on third party sites many of which have decent Page Authority and Domain Rank. I have about 4-5 days left before the...
    21. Re: How To Use Yahoo! Answers For Successful Marketing

      Yahoo Answers is a global community of shared user knowledge. Anyone can ask a question, and anyone can answer as well – from serious questions such as how to reduce child mortality around the world...
    22. Re: What is the difference between marketing and sales?

      The marketing and selling concepts are usually perceived as being the same, but there are some important differences between the two of them. The first major difference is given by the fact that the...
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      Re: Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

    24. Re: Explain how can you integrate CSS file to your webpage?

      An external style sheet can be coded using any text editor and should be saved with a .css extension (e.g., myexternalstylesheet.css). Remember not to include html tags in your css file.

      A sample...
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      Re: What is double click marketing?

      DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) is an integrated ad-technology platform that enables agencies and advertisers to more effectively create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns....
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