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    Global Rules

    1. Give respect and take respect
      Above all we are civilized human beings who should respect each other. I hope every member remembers that and treat your fellow member with respect. If you have any disputes you can bring them to the administration’s attention and we will do everything in our power to settle it for you.
    2. Language
    3. As this is an English forum I’d accept all members to post/ discuss only in English (Other than the International folders where you can talk in your own language)
    4. Duplicate threads
    5. Do not post duplicate threads (two threads about the same site/ program). Make sure you are searching thoroughly before you post.
    6. Spam
    7. We have least toleration to Spam (Senseless posts/ Meaningless posts). Members who spam will be warned and in case of continuation of spamming, they will be banned eventually. So be careful before you post.
    8. Hijacking threads
    9. Do not hijack (post referral links in your posts) other members threads. Only a thread starter gets to post the referral in the main post.
    10. Illegal
    11. Discussion on Illegal content such as Piracy, Hacking etc is not allowed in the forum. Members found engaging in such discussions will be banned straight away.
    12. Report
    13. If any member comes across a fellow member violating any of the above rules you can use the report button to inform the administration and we will take care of it.
    14. Multiple Account
    15. Every individual is allowed to have only one account. If multiple accounts are detected, all of them(including the primary account) will be banned permanently.
    16. Last but not the least consider this your own forum/ place where you earn and learn. So let us try and keep it clean.

    Posting Rules

    1. Do not post useless or small posts to increase your post count and earn points.
    2. No duplicate threads. Make sure you are searching thoroughly before opening a thread. Duplicate threads will simply cause confusion and are also a cheap way to advertise your referral link.
    3. Make sure you are following a proper format while posting a thread. See Thread format for more information.
    4. Do not hijack others threads. Only the thread creator has permission to post his/ her referral link. Others simply participate in the discussion. No posting referral links in your posts.
    5. Do not bump your/ anyone else’s thread. Avoid posting repeatedly in order to keep your thread on top. If members are interested they will post in your thread and you can have a discussion.
    6. No Copy & Paste. Its very easy to simply copy and paste other member’s posts. But we do not appreciate such activity. So please try to put forth your own thoughts.

    Signature Rules

    1. In order to be able to edit your signature, you should fulfill the following requirements:
      • Member for atleast one week
      • Atleast 30 posts
    2. Following are the signature rules every member should follow:
      • No Illegal content is allowed to be put in your signature. That includes no hacks, no piracy links, no illicit content etc.
      • No bigger than size is allowed in your signature.
      • No banners are allowed in your signature except for Upgraded members. And banner should be 468 X 60 Dimensions only.
      • No more than two lines are allowed for standard members & three lines for Superior members. In order to gain more space Upgrade your membership.

      Failure to abide by the rules will result in your signature being removed and it will be replaced by a warning saying you broke the signature rules.


    1. New Members can not post links till they reach atleast 5 posts.
    2. One will be able to edit their signature only after completing one week from registration and have atleast 30 posts in the forum
    3. Members can use "Reputation" and "ITrader" applications only after a week of registration, with atleast 30 posts in the forum.